Melbourne’s prolific DJ and event curator, SAL is our #WCW this week. One of our local go getter’s, she is a big player in the underground club culture in Melbourne. She... Read more

It’s Party Time

Last year’s NLV Records parties were so much fun we couldn’t wait to throw some more. With the release of Kota Banks’ brand new single ‘Zoom’, we thought... Read more



Staying local this week, our #WCW is Sydney young gun, CXLOE. Over the past 12 months or so, the singer/songwriter has been on the grind edging her way into our hearts. Now with her new... Read more

Dua Lipa

#WCW : Dua Lipa

It is pretty hard to leave Dua Lipa out of any conversation regarding pop music these days. Our #WCW, she is the newest icon, role model and visionary in pop. She’s already got ... Read more