Venus X is Coming to Australia

After over 5 years of curating the legendary GHE20GOTH1K party in NYC, Venus X is finally coming to Australia. Thanks to the guys at EVE and Club_ESC, next friday the groundbreaking... Read more

#WCW : Discwoman

Another week another #WCW, this time we are crushing on Discwoman. Discwoman is a booking agency and a platform out of Brooklyn that is kicking goals for women in the industry. Founded... Read more

#WCW : Factory Girls

This week for #WCW we are crushing on a trio of three amazing women, Factory Girls! Factory Girls is an all female collective out of the U.S. made up of DJs and producers Katie Rex (New... Read more

#WCW : Jalé

Jalé is our #WCW this week. She is an up and coming DJ out of Melbourne and someone to keep your eye on. Real name Susan, Jalé is super passionate about inspiring other woman, particularly... Read more