#WCW : Kehlani

Today for #WCW we are spotlighting Kehlani. An RnB singer/songwriter from Oakland, last year saw her really put herself on the map. At just 22 years old we are only seeing the beginning... Read more

Amelia Jenner

#WCW: Amelia Jenner

This week our #WCW is on the wonderfully talented, Amelia Jenner. An active part in Sydney’s music scene, she is already making 2017 her year. She was just named the new music ... Read more

#WCW : Sha Sha Kimbo

Our first #WCW of 2017 is on Los Angeles based artist, Sha Sha Kimbo. A DJ, producer and radio host with a passion for underground bass, she is a tastemaker you don’t want to sleep... Read more

Nadia Rose

#WCW: Nadia Rose

This week our #WCW is London’s hyped new rapper, Nadia Rose. A fresh face in British rap, she already has some of the most influential names in the country backing her. Everyone... Read more